How to Doodle a Commode

Learn How to Doodle a Commode (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin by doodling an up upright rectangle in the middle of the page.



Step 2

Within this upright rectangle, doodle four additional smaller rectangles that will represent four draws. Add a dot to the middle of each of the small rectangles to represent the handles of each draw.

how to doodle commode 02


Step 3

Add a third dimension to your doodle by drawing the top and side of the commode. Doodle these lines on a 45-degree angle, then join them up using lines to close the shape. Now, on the bottom of the commode, doodle four small upright rectangles that will represent the legs of the commode.


Step 4

Add some shading to your doodle using straight lines. Shading using lines in this way is very simple. It also gives 3-dimensional objects more depth.

how to doodle commode 04


Step 5

The final step is to add some color. No strict rules here. You can either use different shades of the same color or use complementary colors. Color gives your doodle personality and character.

how to doodle commode