How to Doodle Cold Temperature

How to Draw Cold Temperature (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing cold

How would we represent the idea of it being COLD in the form of a doodle? Well, let’s start by drawing a thermometer in the middle of our page. You know the kind of thermometer with the round bottom bit and the tall pillar as its top bit.

Step 2

draw cold

To represent the idea that it’s cold, let’s draw an arrow within the thermometer. Let’s point the arrow down to indicate that the temperature has fallen.

Step 3

doodling cold

Let’s now give our thermometer a little more detail. Use straight lines for this purpose. Notice the lines next to the arrow that show various ranges in temperature. Also, notice the angles of the lines in the lower bubble portion area. This is to indicate that the temperature is very low at the moment.

Step 4

doodle cold

Let’s now add a snowflake next to our thermometer. Use circles and lines to draw your snowflake. The snowflake doodle is another sign that the temperature is very cold.

Step 5

how to doodle cold

Add the finishing touches to your thermometer doodle by giving it some color. The color blue has been used here as it typically represents a very cold color.