How to Doodle a Candle

How to Draw a Candle (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw a candle

Begin your candle doodle by drawing a tree stump shape in the middle of your page. Use an arc shape on the bottom along with two straight vertical lines. This will become the body of your candle.

Step 2

drawing a candle

Below the tree stump structure, you just drew, doodle an oval shape. Notice how part of the oval shape is hidden behind the main body of your candle. For the top part of the candle, doodle another arc shape. Above this, doodle a very narrow vertical rectangle.

Step 3

doodle a candle

Next, doodle another larger oval around the oval you drew in step 3. Then on the top part of your candle, close the candle with another arc shape and then a water drop shape for the flame. Doodling this water drop shape can take a little practice. Notice how it is round and full on the bottom and pointy at the top. Feel free to practice drawing this shape a few times on a separate sheet of paper before adding it to your candle.

Step 4

doodling a candle

Time now to add a few more details to your candle. Let’s start by doodling another oval shape on the bottom. This will become the base of your candle. Then doodle more details to your flame using a cloud shape.

Step 5

how to doodle a candle

Add the finishing touches to your candle using squiggly lines around your flame to show that it is flickering. Use short straight lines on the side of your candle and on the side of the candle stand to show a shadow effect. Then finish things up by giving your candle some needed color.