How to Doodle a Camera

How to Draw a Camera (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw camera

To doodle a camera, begin by drawing a rectangle in the middle of your page. Notice in the example how we have an imperfect rectangle with some rounded lines. This is okay. The camera you’re drawing doesn’t need to have perfectly straight lines. Imperfections will, in the end, give the doodle some added character.

Step 2

doodling camera

Let’s now doodle the lens of your camera. To do this, use simple oval shapes. Notice in the example how a smaller and larger oval shape is used. Try and keep the distance (gap) between the oval shapes equal. But, again, this doesn’t need to be perfect. Imperfections are welcome. 🙂

Step 3

drawing camera

Our camera doodle is still missing the flash and some buttons. To draw these elements, use simple rectangle shapes that are part of your visual alphabet.

Step 4

how to draw camera

We, of course, can’t take a picture without a button that takes our snapshot. Let’s doodle this button on the top left-hand corner of our camera using straight lines shown within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle camera

Let’s now add the final touches to our camera doodle. Use lines for shading various areas of your doodle. This will create a shadow effect on the camera. Also, use lines on the lens and the flash to make it look as though it’s a reflective surface. Finally, add a “flashy effect” on the top right-hand corner of your camera to highlight that the flash is active. Then, of course, complete your doodle by giving it some color.