How to Doodle Books

How to Draw Books (drawing tips)

Step 1

how to draw books

To doodle a set of books standing upright on a bookshelf, begin by drawing four straight lines that are slightly angled toward the right.

Step 2

drawing books

Now, connect the lines using simple arc shapes as shown in the example above. Try and keep the arc shapes consistent.

Step 3

doodling books

Let’s now give our books 3-dimensions. To do this, draw straight lines on a 45-degree angle extending toward the right. The key here is to keep the angles and lengths of the lines consistent.

Step 4

doodle books

Next, let’s close off the shapes by adding additional lines. Now, as you can see, our books are starting to take shape. We just need to add a few final touches. 🙂

Step 5

how to doodle books

Your final task is to use straight and squiggly lines to give your books a little more character and dimension. You can also add a splash of color. Notice how different shades of the same color are used. This gives us a nice shadow and light effect.