How to Doodle a Bird

How to Draw a Bird (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw bird

Begin your bird doodle by drawing the eyes and the beak in the center of your page. Use arc shapes, dots, and ovals for this purpose as shown within the example.

Step 2

drawing bird

Use zigzag lines to draw the hair on the head and under the beak. There are no strict rules for this. You can doodle as you see it in the example, or modify it slightly within your doodle.

Step 3

how to draw bird

Use elongated arc shapes to doodle the body of your bird. You can also experiment with this by making the arc shapes wider or more narrow.

Step 4

how to doodle a bird 04

Next, doodle the wings and feet of your bird. Use straight lines and zigzag lines for this purpose. You can, of course, experiment with the size and shape of the wings. Follow the example, or create a different wing structure of your own.

Step 5

how to doodle a bird

Add the final touches to your bird doodle by giving it some color. Birds, of course, come in all sorts of colors. Therefore, feel free to experiment with these colors within your doodle.