How to Doodle a Mug of Beer

How to Draw a Mug of Beer (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing a beer

To doodle a mug of beer, begin by drawing 3-quarters of an upright rectangle with its top missing. Notice how the two corners of the rectangle are rounded. Also, notice the length of each line.

Step 2

draw a beer

To doodle the froth sitting on top of the beer mug, draw a cloud shape. Notice how the cloud shape extends inside and outside the rectangle you drew in step 1. Make sure the cloud shape also extends outwards on the sides of your beer mug.

Step 3

doodling a beer

To doodle the handle of your beer mug, use straight lines. Notice the placement and positioning of these lines. Also, notice the length of each line and the spacing between the lines.

Step 4

doodle a beer

We now have what looks like a beer mug. But we now also need to place the beer mug on a coaster. To doodle the coaster, draw an oval shape. Notice how part of the oval shape is hidden behind the beer mug. You can, of course, play around with the size of the coaster.

Step 5

how to doodle a beer

Time now to add the finishing touches to our beer mug. First, let’s add some more details to the froth using squiggly lines. Then add four straight lines on the beer mug. And finally, let’s give our beer mug some color.