How to Doodle an Ant

How to Draw an Ant (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing an ant

To doodle an ant, begin by drawing an oval in the middle of your page. Notice, however, how the oval sticks out a little on the left in a v-shape. This will become your ant’s head.

Step 2

draw an ant

To doodle the middle section of your ant’s body, draw an elongated arc shape that connects to the head. Notice the angle of this shape and how it connects to the ant’s head.

Step 3

doodling an ant

For the back section of the ant’s body, draw another elongated arc shape. This arc shape doesn’t have to be perfect. You can look at the example and draw something similar or a little different. No fixed rules here.

Step 4

doodle an ant

To doodle your ant’s legs, fangs, and tentacles. Use straight lines and ovals for this purpose. An ant’s fangs aren’t really called fangs. they are rather called mandibles (lower jaw) and maxillae (upper jaw).

Step 5

how to doodle an ant

To finish things off, let’s add some small details to the rear of our ant by drawing some lines. This gives our ant a few more features. Then color your ant in using your imagination. Ants, of course, come in many different colors. Therefore, feel free to experiment a little. 🙂