How to Doodle an Alien

How to Draw an Alien (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing an alien

There are many ways we could doodle an alien. Let’s take a look at one example. To begin with, doodle two arc shapes. Notice where these arc shapes connect. This will become your alien’s head.

Step 2

draw an alien

To doodle the alien’s body, use a couple of short straight lines for the neck, and then an oval shape for the body. The size of the body can, of course, vary. You can play around with this and change it up if you like. 🙂

Step 3

doodling an alien

To doodle the alien’s arms and legs, use several arc shapes and curved lines. Notice how the hands are by the alien’s side. We don’t show the fingers. Instead, we are doodling his arms as though they’re hidden behind his back.

Step 4

doodle an alien

Use arc shapes, squiggly lines, and ovals to draw the facial features and antennae of your alien. Again, here you can use your imagination. Feel free to copy the example above or experiment with your own variations of this doodle. Aliens can come in all shapes and sizes. 🙂

Step 5

How to doodle an alien

Add the finishing touches to your alien doodle by giving it some color. Again, nobody really knows what color aliens are. Therefore, feel free to experiment with your colors. You can, also, if you wish give your alien more personality by doodling a tie, shoes and other clothing.