How to Doodle an Alarm

How to Draw an Alarm (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing an alarm

To doodle an alarm, begin by drawing a small oval in the middle of your page. Now, around this oval shape, draw another larger oval shape as shown within the example.

Step 2

draw an alarm

Next, draw a rectangle underneath the large oval shape you drew in step 1. Notice the positioning and size of this rectangle.

Step 3

doodling an alarm

In the first couple of steps, we drew the main components of our alarm doodle. Now, let’s draw the arm of our alarm. This is the moving component of our alarm that rings the bell. Use elongated curved lines to draw this arm.

Step 4

doodle an alarm

To show that our alarm doodle is ringing, use four curved lines above the alarm. This is a simple and effective way to show that something is vibrating. Notice the positioning of these curved lines above the alarm.

Step 5

how to doodle an alarm

Add the finishing touches to your alarm doodle by giving it some needed color. Firehouse alarms are often red. This is why I have made the example here red as well. But feel free to change up the colors if you wish.