How to Doodle a Haunted House

Step 1

drawing a haunted house

If someone asked you to visualize a haunted house, what would you draw? What does a haunted house even look like? Not an easy answer. But let’s doodle something and see how it goes. 😉 First off, haunted houses are kind of oddly shaped and include multiple stories. So let’s draw an odd shape of a house with a ground floor and tower-like structure in the middle. Notice the rounded corners and the free-flowing lines in the example.

Step 2

draw a haunted house

Let’s continue with the odd shapes for our haunted house. Let’s now doodle another storey to the side of our main haunted building. Notice the triangle-like structure of these shapes. Also, notice the curved and unpredictable lines. You can, essentially, use your imagination here are draw a variety of different shapes.

Step 3

doodling a haunted house

Every haunted house has large and oddly shaped windows. So let’s draw them in. Use straight lines for this purpose, but mix up the angles of your lines to give each window an odd shape. Follow the example above, or create your own variation of these windows.

Step 4

doodle a haunted house

Haunted houses are occupied by a variety of ghosts, ghouls, bats, and other nasty critters. Therefore, let’s showcase that this house is haunted by drawing a ghost figure at the top right of our house. Feel free to experiment with the size and facial expressions of your ghost.

Step 5

how to doodle a haunted house

Add the finishing touches to your Haunted House doodle by giving it some color. Haunted houses are often dark and creepy. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use dark colors in your doodle. And there you have it. This is our haunted house. But this is only one way to draw a haunted house. How else could you vary up this doodle and draw it a little differently?