How to Doodle a Cactus

Learn How to Doodle a Cactus (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin by doodling a rectangle in the middle of your page. Underneath this rectangle join the lines up to form a square. This will become the base of your cactus.

how to doodle cactus 01

Step 2

Now, use rounded blob shapes for the cactus. There are no fixed rules here. A cactus can come in many different shapes and sizes. Therefore feel free to use your imagination to create something you will be proud of. 🙂
how to doodle cactus 02

Step 3

Add some spikes to your cactus using small straight lines. Spread these lines around the edges of your cactus as well as on the front side creating a small X shape. Also, don’t forget to give the base of your cactus three-dimensions using straight lines. Pay attention to keeping the angles of the lines consistent.

how to doodle cactus 03

Step 4

Add some decorations to your cactus pot using straight lines and circles. Again, you can be creative and use your imagination here to design something unique. Use the doodle below only as an example.

how to doodle a cactus

Step 5

Finally, add some color to your cactus. You can use any colors you wish here. A cactus is often green but doesn’t have to be green within your doodle. For the cactus pot, use either complementary colors or different shades of the same color.

how to doodle cactus