Visual Vocabulary: Doodles 270 to 278

For today’s lesson, let’s explore how to doodle words starting with “Z”. We will specifically take a look at how to doodle the following words: Zebra, Zeus, Zipper, Zombie, Zone, Zoom, Zorro, Zucchini, and Zulu.

how to doodle zebra small
how to doodle zeus small
how to doodle zipper small


how to doodle zombie small
how to doodle zone small
how to doodle zoom small


how to doodle zorro small
how to doodle zucchini small
how to doodle zulu small

How many other ways can you doodle these words?

These doodles only of course represent just one way these objects can be doodled. There are many possible ways that you could potentially represent them visually. If you’re up for a challenge then I would like to ask you to try your hand at doodling at least one additional variation for each of the nine words.

When you’re done, please email your doodles through to me at info@iqdoodle.com. It would be a pleasure to post them on this page to help inspire others along this journey.

Please click on the images to enlarge.

Thank you so much for your participation…

I would like to take this time to thank you for your participation in the 40 Day Doodle course as well as the Visual Vocabulary lessons that followed. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing the work of so many passionate doodlers.

This is however where things end for us. This is officially the final lesson of the Visual Vocabulary aspect of this course. ???? At least for the time being. ???? It can however be of tremendous value to work through all the doodle lessons again. More doodlers have no doubt submitted their doodles since you went through the lessons months ago. Seeing their work and the progress they have made through the course can be of tremendous value.

If however you would like to continue your development as a doodler in a new way, then I would highly recommend The Verbal to Visual Classroom. Doug Neill provides incredible value and regular video lessons that will help you become a doodle master. ???? His classroom comes highly recommended.

But it of course doesn’t have to end for us here. I have been developing self-growth mind maps for IQ Matrix since 2008. You will find an incredible array of hundreds of self-growth maps to help you live a more optimal life. I would love to connect with you there. Feel free to visit the site and get onto the Pillars of Success email list. That way we can stay in touch throughout the year. ????

Thanks again for sticking through so many weeks of lessons with me. I hope they have been of value. ????

I would love to hear your feedback…

I would of course love to hear from you. Tell me about how you found these doodles. Were they easy or difficult to draw? Did you have any specific troubles? What were your biggest challenges? How easy or difficult was it to come up with alternate variations for each of these five doodles? I look forward to hearing from you.

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