How to Doodle a Microwave

Learn How to Doodle a Microwave (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin by doodling a rectangle in the middle of your page. Within this rectangle, doodle a square as shown below, then draw a straight vertical line from top to bottom that divides the rectangle into two sections. Don’t forget to also doodle the base of your microwave using straight lines that form two smaller rectangles.

How to doodle microwave 01

Step 2

Time to add some details to your microwave. For the buttons and viewscreen, use rectangles, dots, lines, and circles. You, however, don’t necessarily need to doodle it as shown in the example below. Feel free to use your imagination. For the glass area of your microwave, doodle several carefully positioned lines. These lines will make it appear as though your surface has a reflective finish.
How to doodle microwave 02

Step 3

Add a third-dimension to your microwave using straight lines. Pay particular attention to keeping the length and angles of the lines consistent. Then join these lines up to close the shape.

How to doodle microwave 03

Step 4

Add some shading to your doodle using straight lines. Pay particular attention to the angle of your lines and the spacing between the lines. Shading in this way is easy and gives you doodle added depth.

How to doodle a microwave

Step 5

The final step is to add some color to your microwave. Use different shades of the same color or complementary colors that give your microwave life and character. For the reflective glass surface, you will notice that two different shades of blue were used. This is a small touch but makes a big difference as it simulates how light reflects off the glass in different ways.

How to doodle microwave