How to Doodle Xylophone

Step 1

Instruments are not always easy to draw. However, one instrument that isn’t too hard to doodle is the Xylophone. Let’s give it a go. To begin your Xylophone doodle, start by drawing six upright rectangles of different lengths. You will notice in the example below how the rectangle on the far right is the smallest, while the rectangle on the far left is the largest. Notice also the spacing between the rectangles. Your rectangles, of course, don’t need to be perfect. When it comes to doodling, nothing needs to be perfect. As you can see my lines aren’t perfectly straight. In fact, the top and bottom parts of each rectangle have an arc shape, which is perfectly fine. Imperfection gives our doodles character.

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Step 2

Let’s now connect each of our Xylophone blocks together using a combination of straight lines. The key here is to work with the angles. You will notice in the example below how these lines are angled as they move from one rectangular block to the next. Again, you don’t need to be perfect here. You will see in my example how my angles are a bit off at times, and that is perfectly fine. Revel in your imperfect doodles. 😉


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Step 3

To play our Xylophone, we will need what are called mallets. They are the things we use to play our Xylophone. They are basically sticks with a soft or hard ball on top. Let’s use a combination of straight lines to draw a couple of elongated rectangles that will represent our mallets. Notice how I have angled these mallets in the example.

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Step 4

Let’s now draw the round balls of our mallets. Begin by drawing an oval shape for the mallet closest to the bottom. Next, draw an arc shape for your second mallet. This now highlights that one of the mallets is partially hidden by the mallet that’s in front of it. Our angles are a bit off in this doodle, but we don’t necessarily need to worry about that when it comes to doodling. I have also added a crosshatch to each oval to give them a bit of a three-dimensional feel.

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Step 5

The final step is to give our Xylophone some color. Feel free to play around with this and use your imagination. And there we have it. This is our Xylophone doodle. Pretty straightforward right? Now, I’d like to challenge you to draw your Xylophone from a different angle. Maybe, you’re looking at it from the side instead of from the top? The more angles you can experiment with, the easier doodles such as this will be to draw. 😄

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