How to Doodle Thinking

How to Draw Thinking (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing thinking

If someone asked you to visualize the idea of THINKING, what would you draw? When I think about the idea of THINKING, I visualize a head and a mechanism of some sort working inside that head that generates the thoughts. Let’s see if we can draw this out. Begin by drawing an arc shape in the middle of your page. Notice the size and width of this arc shape in the example. This will become the back and top of our head doodle.

Step 2

draw thinking

Next, let’s draw the front of the head. Specifically, the nose, chin and neck area. Use a combination of arc shapes and curved lines to draw the outline of these areas. This now completes the head area of our doodle. Next, we will look what’s happening inside the head when we have a thought.

Step 3

doodling thinking

Let’s now draw the thought processing that is going on inside the head. To visualize this, let’s draw a couple of cogs in a wheel. Use a combination of oval shapes and straight lines to draw your two cogs. Notice how one of them is a little smaller than the other.

Step 4

doodle thinking

Next, surround your cogs using a cloud shape. We are using a cloud shape here because it helps symbolize a thought process going on inside the head. The cloud shape is essentially a combination of small arc shapes drawn around the two cogs.

Step 5

how to doodle thinking

Add the finishing touches to your doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. This is our visual representation of THINKING. We have the head, then inside the head we have cogs in a wheel that symbolize the thought process churning away inside the brain. How many other ways can you think of to visualize the idea of THINKING about something?