How to Doodle a Sailboat

Step 1

how to draw a sailboat

To doodle a sailboat, begin by drawing a dish shape toward the bottom of your page. This is simply an arc shape with two straight lines drawn over the top.

Step 2

drawing a sailboat

To doodle your sail for your sailboat, use two arc shapes and a straight line on the bottom. Notice the shape of the sail within the example.

Step 3

doodling a sailboat

To doodle the pole holding up the sail, use straight lines. Notice how part of the pole is hidden behind the sail, while other parts are visible.

Step 4

doodle a sailboat

Let’s now doodle a flag on our sailboat. Use wavy curved lines for this purpose as shown within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle a sailboat

Finish things off by adding some further details to your sailboat. Specifically, add a gradient and shadow effect using straight and slightly curved lines. Then add the final touches by giving your sailboat doodle some needed color.