How to Doodle a Pot

Step 1

Begin by doodling an elongated slim rectangle in the middle of your page. Then underneath this rectangle doodle a three sided square that connects the two shapes together.

how to doodle pan 01

Step 2

Next, doodle the lid of your pot. Use an arc shape combined with rectangle shape on the very top.
how to doodle pan 02

Step 3

Give your pot some handy handles. You can copy the example below using straight lines or create your own unique set of handles. If you copy the example below, pay particular attention to keeping both handles even in length and size. This won’t be easy, but you certainly don’t have to be perfect. The example below isn’t perfect, but it’s thereabouts. 🙂

how to doodle pan 03

Step 4

Time now to add some shading to your pot using straight lines. It’s helpful to keep your shading consistent. Imagine the light coming from above the pot. Now, ask yourself, where would the light hit the pot? Also, where wouldn’t it hit the pot? That’s where you should shade. Also, don’t forget to doodle a blob on the pot’s surface to show that the pot has a reflective surface.

how to doodle a pan

Step 5

The final touch is to add some color to your pot. Be creative and use your imagination. You can either use complementary colors or different shades of the same color.

how to doodle pan 05

how to doodle pan