How to Doodle a Nurse

How to Draw a Nurse (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing a nurse

For this example, let’s doodle a nurse. Specifically, let’s create a simple doodle of a nurse’s head that we can use in our visual notes. Begin by drawing a v-shape on your page. Notice how the v-shape is a combination of two arc shapes. This will become our nurse’s fringe.

Step 2

draw a nurse

Use a combination of straight lines and arc shapes to draw the nurse’s head, ears, and neck. Notice how the ears are positioned right under the nurse’s fringe.

Step 3

doodling a nurse

Use a combination of straight and curved lines to draw the top part of our nurse’s cap. Then on the nurse’s cap, draw a cross as shown within the example.

Step 4

doodle a nurse

To doodle the nurse’s hair, draw a couple of curved lines on either side of the head. Notice the length of these lines within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle a nurse

Add the finishing touches to your nurse doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. This is our visual representation of a nurse. Use it in your visual notes to represent the words HOSPITAL, FIRST AID, or MEDICAL CARE. How many other ways can you think of to doodle a nurse?