How to Doodle Noose

How to Draw a Noose (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing a noose

To doodle a noose, begin by drawing an elongated oval shape. Then below that shape, draw six interconnected arc shapes. Notice how these arc shapes are of different lengths and sizes. Notice also how the middle arc shapes are wider and the arc shapes towards the ends are shorter.

Step 2

draw a noose

Next, draw a teardrop shape under the arc shapes you drew in step 1. Then inside your teardrop shape, draw another teardrop shape. Notice how the distance between the two teardrop shapes is consistently the same all the way around.

Step 3

doodling a noose

At the other end of our noose, draw an extension of the rope. To do this, use loosely drawn lines. In other words, draw lines that don’t have perfectly angled corners or that are perfectly straight.

Step 4

doodle a noose

Add another few more lines to your noose to extend the rope. Notice the angle of these lines within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle a noose

Add the finishing touches to your noose doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. This is our visual representation of a noose that you can use within your visual notes. You can use it to represent PUNISHMENT or CONSEQUENCES. What other words could a noose represent?