How to Doodle an Island

How to Draw an Island (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw an island

Begin your island doodle by drawing a palm tree stump. Use unevenly shaped rectangles for this purpose. Begin with a large rectangle on the bottom, then stack smaller rectangles on top as shown within the example.

Step 2

drawing an island

Doodle the palm tree leaves using long curved lines. Notice how some leave overlap other leaves. It’s, therefore, important to first doodle the leaves facing the front of the palm tree, then doodle the leaves folding over the back of the palm tree.

Step 3

draw an island

Having finished your palm tree doodle, let’s now focus our attention onto the ground under the palm tree. Let’s doodle some grass and a couple of rocks here. Use v-shapes for the grass and oddly shaped oval shapes for the rocks. You can, of course, follow the example or create something a little different.

Step 4

how to doodle an island

Time now to doodle island. Use a wavy line for this purpose. Draw this wavy line along the outside base of the palm tree extending outward. You can, of course, experiment with the shape and size of your island.

Step 5

how to doodle an island

Add the final touches to your island doodle by drawing some wavy lines that will represent the ocean, and then giving your doodle some needed color. Notice also the details on the sand and the shadow effect created along the trunk of the palm tree. These are subtle effects that make a big difference.