How to Doodle Intuition

Step 1

drawing intuition

If someone asked you to visualize INTUITION, what would you draw? This one is tough. But let’s give it a go. First, let’s draw a cartoon head. Use an oval for the head and two arc shapes for the ears.

Step 2

draw intuition

Use two conjoined oval shapes for the eyes, another two small ovals for the pupils of the eyes, and one more oval shape for the mouth. Notice the facial expression of our cartoon character. Notice also how the eyes are looking upwards.

Step 3

doodling intuition

On top of our cartoon character’s head, we will draw a radar that will represent our INTUITION. To draw this, use a couple of block shapes extending from the top of the head. Then extend a couple of straight lines upwards.

Step 4

how to doodle intuition 04

For the top part of our radar, use a combination of arc shapes and straight lines. Notice the size of this top section and where it is pointing. Notice also how the eyes are looking up at the radar.

Step 5

how to doodle intuition

To show that our radar is picking up something (you intuition), draw four arc shapes extending out from the radar. Then finish off your INTUITION doodle by giving it some color. And there you have it. This is our visual representation of INTUITION. But I’m sure there are also other ways we could visualize intuition. What other ways can you think of?