How to Doodle Imagination

How to Draw Imagination (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing imagination1

If someone was to ask you how to visualize the word IMAGINATION, what would you draw? It requires a little imagination to draw intangible objects. 😉 Let’s give it a go. To begin with, let’s draw what looks like a pawn piece on a chessboard. Notice the size of the head area and the various shapes used to draw the body. This will become an icon of our cartoon character who will be imagining something.

Step 2

draw imagination

Let’s now give our cartoon character some facial features. Use a combination of ovals and arc shapes for the eyes and mouth. Notice how the eyes are looking upwards. This is important as you will see in the next step.

Step 3

doodling imagination

Towards where the eyes are looking, draw several 3-dimensional shapes. You will notice a cube, triangle, a tube, and a disc type of shape. You can follow along with the example, or feel free to draw your own versions of these shapes or anything else imaginative that comes to mind. There are no fixed rules here. These shapes can literally be anything you want them to be. 🙂

Step 4

doodle imagination

To show that our cartoon character is imagining these shapes, draw a thought cloud. Use two small circle shapes extending from the side of the head. Then draw the cloud shape around the 3D shapes as shown in the example.

Step 5

how to doodle imagination

To finish things off, draw three straight lines on the side of the cartoon character’s head. This gives us the impression that they are thinking about something. Then conclude by giving your doodle some color. And there you have it. This is one way to visualize IMAGINATION. But there are, of course, more ways we could doodle IMAGINATION. How many other ways can you think of?