How to Doodle Giving

How to Draw Giving (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing giving

If someone asked you to visualize the act of GIVING in a picture, what would you draw? How about two hands exchanging a heart. 🙂 Let’s begin our GIVING doodle by drawing the left hand (which is a right hand, but that makes no difference) 😉 It’s difficult to express in words how to draw this hand. Please have a look at the example and pay particular attention to the length of the lines and where they merge together.

Step 2

draw giving

For the second step, we will now draw the opposite hand. You will notice that this hand is a mirror image of the hand we drew in step 1. You are basically mirroring the exact same doodle here. The only difference is that the fingers and thumb are pointing in the opposite direction. Take note of all the angles used in these first two steps.

Step 3

doodling giving

Let’s now draw a heart floating above our left hand. This heart will symbolize the idea of giving love to somebody else.

Step 4

doodle giving

Now, let’s draw an arrow moving from right to left. This arrow is pointing to the floating heart and represents how the heart was moved or given from one hand to the other hand.

Step 5

how to doodle giving

Finish off your GIVING doodle by giving it some color. And there you have it. You now have a representation of GIVING in a visual format. So next time you need to represent this word visually, you will know what to draw. But, of course, there are many other ways we could potentially represent the idea of GIVING. What other ideas can you think of?