How to Doodle a Fridge

Step 1

Begin by doodling a square in the middle of your page. Under this square doodle an upright rectangle. Make sure that the width of the rectangle matches the width of the square.

how to doodle fridge 01

Step 2

Add a third dimension to your doodle using carefully positioned angled lines. Pay particular attention to the length of each line and be sure to keep your angles consistent. Finally, join each of these lines up to close the shape.

how to doodle fridge 02

Step 3

Add handles to your fridge doodle using thin upright horizontal rectangles. Now, around your original shape (rectangle and square) you created in step 1 of your doodle, draw a line on top and on the right side of this shape. Pay particular attention to make sure that the spacing between the lines is consistent and even.

how to doodle fridge 03

Step 4

Add some shading to your doodle using evenly spaced lines that vary in length from top to bottom.

how to doodle fridge 04

Step 5

The final step is to give your doodles some personality and character using color. Use either different shades of the same color, or alternatively, you can use complementary colors.

how to doodle fridge