How to Doodle a Desk Fan

How to Draw a Desk Fan (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin by doodling a small oval in the middle of your page. Outside this oval, doodle a larger oval. Then outside the larger oval doodle the three blades of your desk fan. Use curved lines to represent these blades, as shown in the example below.

how to doodle Desk Fan 01

Step 2

On the outside of the three blades, doodle two carefully positioned ovals. Pay particular attention to the spacing between each oval. Make sure that it is as even as possible on all sides.
how to doodle Desk Fan 02

Step 3

Use lines and rectangles to doodle the base of your desk fan. Keep in mind that fans have various types of bases. Therefore, feel free to use your imagination to doodle a unique base that holds your desk fan upright on the desk.

how to doodle Desk Fan 03

Step 4

Time to add some shading to your desk fan. Use carefully positioned lines to add some depth and character to your desk fan.

how to doodle a Desk Fan

Step 5

The final step is to add a splash of color to your desk fan. Use either various shades of the same color or complementary colors. Color will give your desk fan even more character.

how to doodle Desk Fan